Mark Brady

Mark Brady, Founder of Footworx, crafts custom orthotics with expertise in the action sports industry, pedorthics massage school. Mark often says; "custom orthotics connect our brain with the terrain" meaning that the better our feet properly contact the ground or our sports gear, the better our performance and endurance without injury will be. Meet Mark and take the step into custom orthotics. The Footworx lab is located in outdoor sports mecca - the Columbia Gorge, just east of the Portland Oregon metro.

My Journey

In 1983 I was working for the Bahnhof Sport Shop in Traverse City, Michigan. I had my first ski orthotics made by Peterson Labs there.

Once in my boots, I instantly felt greater alignment, comfort and support. It was amazing to finally step into my ski boots that truly fit for the first time.

1986 I moved to Hood River. Bruised heels and dented boards were a common occurance while windsurfing.  So in 1989, I invented the Gorge Jumpadz and started North Shore Inc.

During that time we created a Division for making Custom Footbeds. Since 1991 I have been marketing them as Footworx.

In 1996 I completed massage training at the Oregon School of Massage.

During that summer, I passed the Oregon state exam to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

In 2005 I completed Pedorthic Training at Oklahoma State University at Okamulgee.

Several months later, I passed the Certified Pedorthist (C.Ped) exam.


Connect your brain to the terrain!

Improve your PERFORMANCE, avoid INJURY, improve BALANCE, and speed-up RECOVERY.

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