Hood River Custom Orthotics

Footworx Custom Orthotics in Hood River
We build Orthotics from the ground up to help you Recover from Foot Pain. We do this by stabilizing your feet and offloading your heel and toe. We are creating alignment to prevent over stretching the muscles and ligaments in your feet. 

Footworx Orthotics will help you prevent injury by building a bridge from your heal to your toes. As you move through the world, you will have a more neutral alignment with your feet, knees and hips. Life is better now.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you.

Footworx Custom Orthotics will:

  • Heal from Plantar Fasciitis, Mortons Neuroma, Metatarsalgia, etc.
  • Create Alignment of your Feet, Knees & Hips
  • Shock Control
  • Enhance Athletic Performance

Why Custom Orthotics?

Mark Brady, founder of custom orthotics company Footworx in Hood River, shares his background and passion for creating orthotic insoles and footwear solutions to connect our brains to our terrain - making our walking and running less painful, more enjoyable and valuable for longevity.

Let me help you assess and fit you with Custom Orthotics in my Lab in Hood River.

Footworx Hood River
1020 Wasco St, Hood River, OR 97031

Saturday & Sunday Closed
Monday - Friday 11 AM–2 PM

Phone: (541) 490-2061
Email: 1020fxllc@gmail.com


Review by Scott Rowley, Hood River

"Mark from Footworx seriously changed the game for me. My ski boots have never been so comfortable as a result of implementing his custom orthotics. I was nervous that my test day was going to cause a ton of pain, but this proved to not be the case. I spent 11 1/2 hours in my boots climbing Mount Shasta and skiing 7000 vertical feet off the top. This was by far the best day I have ever had in a pair of ski boots, and I look forward to the many days that will follow.

Thanks a TON Mark! Seriously, if your booths are giving trouble or you want to improve performance give Mark a call!"


Review by Daniel Comp, Mosier

"As a lifelong outdoor sports enthusiast, I'm disappointed that I waited 62 years to get custom orthotics for my walking, running and cycling shoes and orthotic insoles for my wetsuit booties for when I windsurf and wind foil. I will also get a pair for my snowboarding boots this winter.

These are completely new experiences now that my feet are actually connected to my gear and to the ground.  Thanks for changing everything Mark!

PS - those stupid little massage balls actually work!”


Review by Frans Bosman, Mosier

"I went to Mark to have my feet examined after learning about him through Angelina's Wellness by Choice. I had been experiencing some foot pain for a long time by now from being on my feet for hours at a time in my pipe organ workshop.

I was impressed with how extremely knowledgeable Mark was as I asked him questions. And I'm as picky as any Dutchman would be in these things. I'm happy to report that I have my orthotics and that I also purchased several of Mark's foot health products to nurture my feet at the end of each day!"