Mark Brady, founder of Footworx, will assess and fit you with Custom Orthotics at his Lab in Hood River. Footworx creates foot alignment and shock control to help prevent injury, enhance recovery & improve sports performance. Plus, we offer CBD products for Natural Pain Relief.


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  • "Mark from Footworx seriously changed the game for me. My ski boots have never been so comfortable as a result of implementing his custom orthotics. I was nervous that my testing day was going to cause a ton of pain, but this proved to not be the case. I spent 11.5 hours in my boots climbing Mt. Shasta and skiing 7000 vertical feet off the top. This was by far the best day I have ever had in a pair of ski boots and I look forward to the many days that will follow. Thanks a TON Mark. Seriously, if your boots are giving you troubles or you want to improve your performance then give FootWorx a call."

    Scott Rowley, Hood River
  • "As a lifelong outdoor sports enthusiast I'm disappointed that I waited 62 years to get custom orthotics for my walking, running, and cycling shoes and orthotic insoles for my wetsuit booties for when I windsurf and wind foil. I will also get pair for my snowboarding boots this winter. These are completely new experiences now that my feet are actually connected to my gear and to the ground. Thanks for changing everything Mark! PS - those stupid little massage balls actually work!"

    Daniel Comp, Mosier
  • "I went to Mark to have my feet examined after learning about him through Angelina's Wellness by Choice. I'd been experiencing some foot pain from being on my feet for hours at a time in my pipe organ workshop. He's extremely knowledgeable. I'm happy I have my orthotics and several foot health products to nurture my feet at the end of each day!"

    Frans Bosman, Mosier
  • " Angelina introduced me to Mark because I have limited mobility with one foot which has a fused ankle after being crushed in a car wreck. Trying to find shoes that fit me correctly used to be very difficult. Not anymore! I can even now wear heels! Thanks Mark!"

    Roberta Hulit, The Dalles
  • "The custom footbed orthotics Mark made for me have been wonderful for my knees and lower back--especially helpful on those long days when I am in constant motion, literally on my feet for six hours straight. Thank you, Mark! "

    Aliess Kime, Hood River
  • "I found Mark online while I was doing research on how orthotics could help my flat feet. The next day we met. By the time I left from my visit with Mark I absolutely comprehended his phrase "connect your brain to the terrain" to prevent injury, improve balance and increase performance. From foot beds in my water booties to help me learn windsurfing to orthotics in my walking shoes to power walk and ski boots to being in my dress boots for work when I'm on my feet."

    Angelina Musik-Comp, Mosier

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