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Blank Sizes - S 25.5  M 27.7  L 29.4 XL 32 XXL 34

PRO FIT - Designed for the more serious skier who wants a stiffer more durable topsheet for day after day after day use. It doesn’t absorb moisture so it stays dry. We combine this with our high performance KX60 plastic to create the thinnest most durable footbed to date.
SKI FIT - Our best recreational footbed. It features the Velvateen topsheet for a cushy feel. It is married to our New more durable KX60 plastic. This combination creates an easily moldable, grindable and durable footbed. It gives a perfect fit for ski boots, skates or any non-gated sport.
ALL SPORT - After searching high and low we have found the perfect material. It is 12# 1/4" EVA, creating visual excitement. This model is shock absorbing and forefoot flexible for telemarking, boarding, walking or running.

POSTING FOAM - with peel & stick (PSA) - No Gluing! Worx Great!

8 lb. Yellow*
12 lb. Blue*
16 lb. Red
20 lb. Brown

*Available with PSA adhesive. NO Gluing! All Posting is available in Met Cut or Regular.

FORMING PILLOWS - Multi-density PE foam is encased in a removable neoprene cover. Left & right pillows feature soft foam under the Met heads to prevent a varis forefoot when molding. Softer upper foam & dense base foam insures great moldability for all sizes of people.

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