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When looking for custom orthotics, Mark Brady of Footworx can be trusted for high-quality custom orthotics. Mark began producing custom orthotics after creating pads to stop bruised heels with custom shoe and ski boot inserts. After massage and pedorthic school, Footworx, founded by Mark Brady opened its Hood River lab to make custom orthotics. His products and service specialize in shock absorption and alignment, giving you the best of two worlds for expert, top quality custom orthotics products and foot care.


Footworx founder Mark Brady talks about custom orthotics

Footworx Custom Orthotics

"Hi, my name is Mark from Footworx, here at 1020 Wasco Street in Hood River. What we do here is make orthotics. I've always had an interest in feet and when I moved here in the gorge I discovered that people were bruising their heels and denting their windsurf boards. So I decided to make a windsurfing pad that would protect against those two things and the world embraced it very well.

So out of that, I developed products for feet as well as the pad, foot straps and such and then got onto orthotics and custom footbeds for ski boots, shoes etc. And since then I've gone to massage school (5) and also pedorthic school (4) and really honed my craft and now here in Hood River with my lab we're making orthotics and doing full foot analysis with gait analysis included, with slow motion video capture and a few other things that let us know what type of feet you have - how much collapse you have and what we can do about it.

Our orthotics specialize in shock absorption and alignment. Usually, those two are mutually exclusive. To be able to combine the two together means that we're giving you the best of both worlds.

Obviously, everyone's walking around on unyielding surfaces most of the time wearing shoes. By the way, people in the world who don't wear shoes have the healthiest feet and they don't walk around on cement all day.(2) So, given that is what we do - we walk around on unyielding surfaces with shoes on - we need to add the interface to connect our brain to the terrain.

And we do that by creating a duplicate of your foot in the neutral position with a plaster cast. We do that, then vacuum form the plastic materials and otherwise EBA etc, to build the orthotic from the ground up for you. And then we fit it into your Footwear and then you can have proper support and alignment so that your knees, ankles, hips can be more in alignment so it was standing taller and you'll be getting more input to your brain because we're spreading the weight of your body over your entire foot instead of just in your heel and your toe.

By doing so, then, we're able to create that shock absorption in alignment so that you're getting more data points to your brain to be able to make better decisions and by spreading the weight of your body over your entire foot you're not prone to injury or it is." (1)

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Watch the custom orthotics $80 special offer

Watch the custom orthotics $80 special offer
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Custom Orthotics created in Hood River exactly fit your unique foot shape to your shoes, mating the signals your entire foot is supposed to send to your brain, rather than mashing up a bunch of noise from the mismatch due to shoe manufacturing which uses an averaged foot mold. Creating better connections between YOUR ACTUAL FOOT and the TERRAIN means you increase feedback, confidence, and performance. Mark Brady, Footworx founder, can 'walk' you through numerous measurements in his lab to create a perfect fit with your choice of footwear and gear. Make the connection with Footworx.

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*4 : Pedorthic Training at Oklahoma State University at Okamulgee

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